Gated Community

Prison Typology:

Thesis —

Prison Reformation from the 1770’s to 1780’s were based on the use of Intimidation as a form of Rehabilitation of prisoners, but this method soon shifted to the use of emotional manipulation of prisoners. Proposed method of

Rehabilitation of prisoners is based on a balance of Emotional Manipulation and Intimidation of the Inmates.

Total square footage of program is 70,000sf including parking and circulation. A major change requested by the BoP is to drastically reduce the number of inmates in one facility. While most federal prisons today house over 1,000 inmates, this prison will only house 100 inmates.


Mission Statement –

The mission of the Federal Prison is to protect our society by confining its offenders while in a regulated environment. The facility consents to full accountability for the well-fair of its offenders, and our society, in a humane and secure facility.  The Federal Prison will provide outreach programs with community interaction to educate the public on the consequences of their actions, and the importance of an education.  The Federal Prison will provide a community garden space that will act as the center of rehabilitation for both prisoner and community.  The Garden will provide self-improvement opportunities, to assist its offenders in becoming law-abiding citizens upon there Re-entry into society.


Location –Lovejoy: Parcel located at Reiman and North Ogden Streets in the Lovejoy neighborhood in East Buffalo

Triangulation –

Green house Typology is centered around the concept of high pitched roofs to maximize sun exposure.  By connecting a series of greenhouse types along a path maximizes the amount of sun exposure for not only the interior of the Green house but also for the other services the prison provides, such as inmate housing and administration.  The landscape creates an undulating topographic surface surrounding the prison to obscure direct view of the inmate housing from the street, as well as create a greater public interaction between the surrounding areas of the prison.



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