Independent Study

Light Study:

The relationship between the camera lens and human body is a two-dimensional relationship but by adding different colors of glass as a filter, barrier that breaks down the relationship between the body and the camera. The different textures and colors of glass distort and skew the body. The light from the lens is reflected and refracted through the glass projecting shadows and silhouettes. The different levels of opacity range from completely opaque to translucent. The relationship of part to whole is shown through the scale of photos, ranging in size from the whole body to the parts such as eyes, hands, and mouth. The Images show how the human body can be affected by light, and how light can manipulate spacial conditions and people interactions.

Study Model 1:

Light Study playing with the concept of being able to pass through a window and project an image on that window.  The glass is cut into different sizes based on a part to whole relationship of the face.  The opacity of the glass is based on the amount of black space in the image, for example the eyes are the most recognizable feature of the face, so by using a transparent clear tinted glass the definition of the eyes becomes distinctive.


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