The Author

Olivia Rose Arcara November 9th 1992-Present

I have lived in the Buffalo Area my entire life. My first experience in the architecture field of study was taking a Drawing Design for Production class in high school.  The “act of the process” was what captured my interests. The “act of taking an idea” from my imagination, sketching it, drawing it, changing it again and again as it evolved based on my perspective.  The progression of that idea (in the form of modeling, that idea) which becomes a tangible presence is what sparked my passion for architecture.

Currently I am a Masters student studying architecture at the State University of New York at Buffalo.  I have taken a series of six credit hours studio classes every semester.  These studio classes have covered a wide variety of areas, starting with basic drawing and design skills to full scale construction, comprehensive design as well as different building and construction methods.

I have had the opportunity at the University at Buffalo to participate in a full scale construction project during my freshman year.  The project was called the Living Wall which gave students the opportunity to have our designs become a fully realized inhabitable space.  As students we were required to sleep in our projects overnight, to fully experience the action of taking our project through the progression of thought to reality.  Other courses that have highlighted my continued education in architecture are an Independent study in which I researched the history of stained glass and its relationship to the human body.  I redefined the existence of a window and its confinement to a two-dimensional plane, by transforming the concept of a window into something that people could potentially inhabit on a three-dimensional existence.

I spent the Summer of 2014 studying abroad in Ireland; traveling around the Coast,  I studied the local architecture comparing the differences between Architectural Practices and construction methodologies of the smaller local cities, with that of the more cultural advanced such as Cork and Dublin in relation to our modern day cities in America. I also was able to continue my travels afterwards to London and Paris.

During my time at the State University of New York at Buffalo, I have achieved two design excellence awards in recognition of outstanding studio work both in my Freshman and Junior years from the department of architecture. Additionally I was awarded $1,000.00 scholarship for the SUNY at Buffalo Scholarship Gala Poster design competition.

In addition to my course studies I also participated in a Design Education program.  Working with a local architect at an intercity school, we were teaching a third grade class, through a series of seminars and actives some of the simpler fundamental aspects of architecture that could be applied to many different aspects of there education.  These lessons provide for a basic understanding of the tools and techniques we use in architecture.




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